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How will NBN affect your Alarm system?

How will NBN affect your Alarm system?

What is the NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a government funded investment into the future of Australia’s Telecommunication infrastructure. As a result of the NBN we can expect to see faster and more reliable internet.

When can you be connected to the NBN?

You may already have NBN available in your area, or it may be coming soon. Click the ling below to see the status of your area

What happens if you don’t switch to NBN?

Unfortunately, switching to the NBN wont happen automatically. Existing services will be switched off, meaning that existing landline phone and internet, as well as ADSL (including ADSL2 and ADSL2+) will no longer operate once the changeover has taken place in your area.

How does this affect your alarm system?

If your alarm system is back to base monitored, you want to make sure that you become NBN ready. This will mean that your alarm system continues to be monitored as normal once the existing service is switched off, failure to do so may leave your home or business exposed.

How can you ensure your alarm system remains operational?

The NBN rollout is an ongoing process and, like all things of this nature, we suspect that there will be teething issues. To best prepare your alarm system into the future you need a way to ensure the continuity of your alarm system, and ensure your home and/or business is back to base monitored as you expect.

The solution

There are several communicator systems available, utilising the 3G cell network, to offer this continuity of back to base monitoring for your alarm system. Here is what we have found:

1: Inner Range T4000lite

The T4000 communicator is a unit offering multiple, highly secure, IP paths. This means that this communicator offers both 3G and Ethernet alarm transmission paths. Some features the T4000lite offers are easy installation, Configurable bi-directional polling to meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS2201.5, easy connection to a range of alarm panels, and Secure 128Bit AES encrypted data transmission just to name a few.

2: Ness Security 3G GSM Dialler

The Ness Security 3G GSM Dialler provides a full time 3G pathway for communication in the absence of a landline.

3: Permaconn PM45 Dual sim + IP

The Permaconn PM45 offers a constant secure link between the alarm panel and the back to base monitoring service. The PM45-3G communicates over 3G, GPRS and IP networks. The PM45 unit can interface with a range of alarm panels using Contact ID. Primary alarm path is IP (fixed line), followed by 3G/GPRS networks where their is fixed line failure. If no fixed line ethernet connection exists, then the communicator simply operates over GPRS or 3G only



There are other communicators on the market, each offering similar features and operating using 3G signal transmission where fixed line failure occurs (or where there is no fixed line at all).

We like the T4000. it is a compact unit compatible with many 3G networks, it is highly secure and offers remote firmaware update capability. The T4000 also meets bi-directional polling requirements, to align with the requirements of your specific insurance policy. What we like most though is the T4000’s capacity to integrate with Inner Range ‘SkyCommand’ technology ( ), a cloud based, IOS and android App compatible system allowing home automation operations to be performed via smart devices. In a world wold where we are increasingly connected, this kind of technology is gaining momentum rapidly

In Conclusion

If you are reading this article, you most likely have an alarm system protecting your home or business. In any event, it is vital that the security of your property and possessions remain guarded as we enter the new world of NBN. . If you would like more information, or advice on becoming NBN ready, please feel free to Contact CTFE Security!