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  1. Having no fire training: we all know that fire equipment is required by law in many situations, however having no formal training on the correct use of fire equipment means that often this equipment is far less effective. When faced with a fire situation, it is imperative that there are trained ‘first responders’ who are both capable of selecting the right fire equipment for the fire, and know how to effectively utilise it.
  2. Using a trainer who doesn’t offer practical use of an extinguisher during a training session: for many people, heavy theory based teaching does not match their learning style. More often than not, it is physical hands on training where learning and retaining knowledge takes place. We offer a state of the art, digital, fire simulation. This means that we can offer the experience of fighting a fire using a fire extinguisher, but without the need to start a fire, making a mess, or being dependanton the weather (we can set it up inside).
  3. Online training: similar to item mistake number two, however online training has even more pitfalls. A lack of engaging conversation, site specificity and physical interaction means that the trainee will retain far less information from the online systems than that of hands on training.
  4. Thinking that fire training is a waste of money: the implications of not having adequate fire training are fairly severe. Say for instance a fire breaks out in your office, and the brigade take 10 or so minutes to respond, the fire that was initially potentially small and manageable has now engulfed a significant portion of your building. Once the brigade leaves site, you are left with a damaged, inaccessible building, lost assets and stock and you would not be able to operate out of this building for quite some time. This could equate to massive loss of resources, assets and trade, potentially being the demise of your business.
  5. There are instructions on the side of the extinguisher, I will use them: yes, there is instructions on both fire extinguishers and dire blankets. Generally these instructions are diagrammatical with very limited text. If you were to find yourself in a burning building, would you be confident to fight a fire based on a few pictures and dot points, better still would you think you have time to sit and look at it? Adequate fire training is vital, it is also a requirement under the Work Health and Safety act that an employer provides fire training.


Central Tablelands Fire & Electrical Services offer a wide range of fire and emergency training services, tailoring content to be site specific and accommodating for groups of any size.

Whilst we can tailor training to meet your needs, a few of our most commonly utilised training sessions are:

  • Fire extinguisher training – selection, safe and effective use of fire extinguishers
  • Warden training – training key people on their role in a fire or emergency situation
  • Evacuation training – tailored for your business area, we offer training in how to methodically and efficiently evacuate your building and ensure nobody is left behind. We can offer structured evacuation drills, to test the effectiveness of onsite staff.